October 22, 2009



1 cup condensed milk
12 egg yolks
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 teaspoon butter

1. Mix everything in a sauce pan.
2. Cook mixture under medium heat.
3. Stir until the mixture coagulates.
4. Let it cool.
5. Shape into desired shape (usually pyramids) and wrap in cellophane.

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7 responses to "YEMA (CUSTARD CANDY)"
December 2, 2009

tnx a lot…
it help me to solve my assignment in a short period of time…

admin said:
December 2, 2009

your welcome! visit again soon!

jo perez said:
February 5, 2010

how many more ingredients do we need? is there any additional of shortening,glucose liquid,powdered sucrose.where can we find the pyramid shaped,is it made of plastic or metal.is this available in the market or is it hand made.

marilou rebucas said:
May 14, 2010

how to shape yema into pyramid shape?

gina escalona said:
September 12, 2011

hi! pls help me, im also looking for a yema molder which is pyramid in shape. anyone knows where can i find it…thanks

rose said:
September 14, 2011

hello….anyone here to please help me also for a Yema Moulder Pyramid shape…thanks a lot…

kindly sent it to my email email at esor_estrada@yahoo.com

Shannicca flores said:
July 27, 2012

Hi! How can we make the yema crunchy outside and creamy inside??? Would really appreciate if you could share the secret.. Thanks!!!

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