November 6, 2009



1 bundle malunggay leaves, removed from stem
2 c. kalabasa, cut into wedges
1 bundle sitaw, cut around 2” length
3 medium size gabi, cut into wedges
1 bundle okra, cut into wedges
3 small size talong, cut into wedges
1 bundle alugbati (if available)
1 small bundle spring onions, chopped
tanglad or lemon grass (optional)
fried fish flakes


1. In a deep stoneware, bring sliced kalabasa and gabi to a boil.
2. Add sliced sitaw, talong and okra. Cook until fork-tender.
3. When soft, mash the gabi and some kalabasa to thicken the soup.
4. Add alugbati and tanglad.
5. Add fried fish flakes for flavor.
6. When soup starts to boil, add malunggay, spring onion and alugbati, cook until leafy vegetables are just cooked. Add salt to taste.
7. Serve immediately.

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9 responses to "UTAN BISAYA"
greta gre said:
March 20, 2010

im a bisaya so i really know this recipe.. my mom and auntie cooked this, and im also cooking this for my daughter.

shine:) said:
August 11, 2010

bisaya pud ka day? (::

admin said:
August 12, 2010

bisdak gyod! lol

Letty said:
August 12, 2010

ako pod…and happy for being one…

Andy said:
September 3, 2010

Mga kabsidak, kamusta diha tanan. bisitahe pud ninyo ang ako blog.

Malou said:
December 26, 2010

when you say bisaya, you mean you are from cebu or anywhere in the Visayan region?

i believe its a misnomer: Bisaya means other than Cebu(Leyte, NegOr/NegOcc, Bohol, Siquijor..)

so, what happens to the utan? hehe

jhonliton said:
December 8, 2011

can i get this procedure of utan bisaya?

Jaii said:
July 26, 2015

BisayaAAng Dagko :)

Jaii said:
July 26, 2015


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