January 14, 2010



Sinukmani ingredients:

5 cups malagkit or sticky rice
3 cups brown sugar
3 coconuts
3-4 pandan leaves
1 tsp. salt

Sinukmani procedures:
1. Cook rice with pandan leaves.
Grate the coconuts and squeeze out the milk without adding water. Set aside the extracted pure coconut milk. Squeeze out the milk for another 2 or 3 times by adding 1 cup hot water in every squeeze and put on another container.
3. Boil the coconut milk with water until thick. Add the pure coconut milk, then boil it again until thick.
4. Add the rice, salt and sugar and continue cooking, stirring constantly, over low heat, until the rice is cooked.
5. Transfer the mixure until the rice and the coconut milk mixture are evenly mixed together.
6. Heat the banana leaf over fire to prevent it from breaking.
Spread the Sinukmani in the banana leaf then serve.

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Ran said:
December 17, 2011

ge ke sanle pi te so

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