September 9, 2011



Sinampalokang manok ingredients:
1 young native chicken
1/3 kg. bamboo shoots (labong)
santol, cut into small pieces

Sinampalokang manok procedures:
1. Dress the young native chicken. Cut into bite pieces. (Native chicken gives the special flavor important to this recipe.)
2. Wash labong and blanch it.
3. Saute garlic, onion, and chicken pieces in pork fat, adding patis for flavoring. Simmer for a few minutes.
4. Add bamboo shoots and santol to sauteed mixture, keeping liquid to a minimum. Cook for some more minutes. Season well.

Serves 8 persons.

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4 responses to "SINAMPALOKANG MANOK"
Rhea said:
October 25, 2011

I never thought chicken can be cooked maasim…
I’m just wondering why this recipe is called sinampalokang manok coz it doesn’t include sampalok in the list of ingredients.

layka delacruz said:
November 10, 2011

wow nice recipe… but i don’t get it… where’s the sampalok? changes the title of your recipe… Sinantolang Manok… kuha mo?

sev said:
January 7, 2012

Should be “sinantolang manok”, isn’t it?

chris said:
September 14, 2012

why no sampalok leaves? is it because we can’t buy them in the market anymore?

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