March 24, 2010



Samalamig Ingredients:
drops of banana essence
3 cups sago
muscovado sugar (regular brown sugar will do)
big chunks of ice
3 gallons of water

Samalamig Procedures:

1. Mix the sugar with water.
2. Stir until dilluted. Others, prefer to mix the sugar with hot water to dillute the sugar faster but using cold water is ok. You just have to mix it longer for the sugar to dissolve. sugar amount will be according to your taste.
3. Add the sago. add prepared and set unflavored gelatine cubes if desired. add about 3 drops of the banana essence. vanilla flavor is a good substitute.
4. Add big chunks of ice to cool off the drink. Serve by the glass.

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One response to "SAMALAMIG"
Marie said:
April 19, 2010

perfect for summer, love it too

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