August 6, 2008


Salabat or Ginger Tea

1/2 kilo ginger
brown sugar

1. Peel and grate ginger. Use a food processor to puree the ginger until fine. Extract the juice by straining the
ginger through a sieve. (Another way is to wrap the ginger in a cheesecloth and squeeze out the juice.)
2. Add 2 cups brown sugar to every cup of ginger juice. Combine these in a saucepan
3. Over medium heat, cook the mixture until thick, stirring constantly.
4. Reduce heat. Continue cooking and stirring until the mixture becomes dry and powder-like. Allow to cool.
5. Use a food processor or a mortar and pestle to pound the mixture into a fine powder. Transfer to a canister or plastic bag.
6. To prepare hot brew, dissolve several teaspoons of instant salabat in a cup of hot water.

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2 responses to "SALABAT (GINGER BREW)"
christy said:
June 22, 2010

very simple yet helpful…

celmar p. amad said:
March 14, 2012

what`s this?

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