August 5, 2008


1 cup rice
1 cupĀ  malagkit (sticky rice)
1/2 can condensed milk
2 tsp baking powder
grated meat of one young coconut
cooking oil or margarine (for greasing)


1. Combine the rice and malagkit. Soak in water until soft. Grind.
2. On a clean piece of cloth, spread the ground rice and allow to dry thoroughly under the sun. Sift and put in a large bowl.

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11 responses to "PUTO LANSON RECIPE"
Cristina said:
October 13, 2009

If you can put a picture beside or at the bottom. I would like to share or show it to my friend. She said she does not know about this puto lansong. I watched TV here in Canada they showed on a multicultural channel the biggest puto lansong record from Imus Cavite. That is why I remember that it is the food that I am missing here in Canada and I don’t know how to make it. I love Puto Lansong.

Cristina said:
October 13, 2009

I would like to add more information about the comment that I just sent, the size of the biggest puto lansong 123 kilos about 12 feet that’s what they said.

admin said:
October 13, 2009

I’m sorry I do not have any pictures yet. However, you may check this video from iGMA as puto lanson is featured on Pinoy Records Show. Just click on this link -

mahdi said:
December 21, 2009

gwap0 ko….hehehe..

Jen said:
March 16, 2010

Hello, the recipe for Puto Lanson does not look complete. What do we do after procedure#2?

dm said:
July 25, 2010

kulang nga po ang recipe no… kht ung ingredients kulang [-(

marie said:
September 4, 2010

mostly of the recipes here are very good, but the lacking is incomplete on how to make and some of the ingredients must be converted into an easy way. now a days we are using ready pack, like the gloutinous rice, powder glotuinous is at store and we dont have to go for a long process. a

edita lopesz said:
October 15, 2010

thanks for the recipe thats what I’ve been waiting for but if you can kindly complete the procedure for it is lacking after drying under the sun thanks and more power God bless

anabella jonson said:
October 17, 2010

walang katulad ang putong ito, lanson is the best of all the puto’s there is in philippines,lutong bicolandia tanging lanson lang ang the best.

anabella jonson said:
October 17, 2010

after the 2nd part, what is next? will you please complate the reripe please’ thank you so verry much my auntie and i always talk about this. again thank you verry much’,

orly said:
August 20, 2012

sana talaga kumpleto ito…

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