July 14, 2010



Glutinous rice dipped in sugarcane juice wrapped in coco leaves. It’s a sticky, tasty treat often brought home by mothers after a tiring market day, and a delicacy usually shared by the family after attending mass on Sunday.

Basic ingredients:
10 cups glutinous rice, 2 tbsp salt, 2 cups coconut cream, 5 cups coconut milk lift

1. Prepare patupat baskets by weaving young coconut leaves in a rectangular shape. Leave a small opening in one end.
2. Fill patupat basket with uncooked glutinous rice, half full.
3. Close the patupat basket’s opening with a knot. Secure them with a bamboo splice to form clusters.
4. Boil sugarcane juice in a carajay (kawali). Scoop the solid particles that form at the surface of the liquid.
5. Put the clusters into it to boil or until it is cooked (approximately 1 hour).
6. Lift the cooked clusters and drain the excess juice thoroughly.
7. Continue heating the sugarcane juice to a densely concentrated, yellowish brown syrup.
8. Dip clusters into the syrup for 30 – 50 minutes.
9. Then, lift and allow to drip for several minutes.

Source: http://www.alaminoscity.gov.ph

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