April 27, 2010



Make your own lechon manok the easy way. Simply season the chicken with bottled or home made lechon sauce and cook until tender. Be sure to baste the chicken with the sauce as it cooks.

Lechon Manok sa Kawali Ingredients:
1 kilo whole chicken
Salt and pepper
1 bottle lechon sauce
2 pieces pandan leaf
1/2 cup oil

Lechon Manok sa Kawali Procedures:
1. Rub the chicken with salt, pepper and lechon sauce. Stuff the cavity with the pandan leaves.
2.Heat the oil then cook the chicken. When almost done, turn to cook the other side. Baste with more lechon sauce as you cook.

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One response to "LECHON MANOK SA KAWALI"
Marie said:
May 19, 2010

Oh yummy, I would try this recipe soon

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