March 26, 2011



INANGIT is similar to biko in appearance minus the latik on top. This is a very filling dish and great for merienda any time and for all occasions

Inangit and halu-halo ingredients:

1 c malagkit na bigas
5 pc saging na saba
3 c kakang gata
1 pc kamote
1 tsp salt
1 pc gabi
2 tbsp sugar
1 pc ube (optional)
1/2c galapong for bilo-bilo
1/2 c sago (small)
1/2 c langka (strands)
2-4 c grated coconut
2 c sugar (white)
Pandan leaf (optional)

Inangit Procedure:

  • Wash the malagkit rice thoroughly. Boil using the kakang gata (first extraction of coconut milk). Add salt and sugar. Cook over low fire stirring occasionally. Cook for 1-1 ½ hours until soft and chewy. Form fist-sized pieces. Set aside.

Ginataan Halu-halo Procedures:

  • Peel and cut into desired sizes the saging na saba, kamote, gabi, ube (optional). Form the galapong into tiny balls or bilu-bilo. Prepare strands of langka and pandan leaf for aroma and have ½ c tiny sago ready.
  • Prepare 2-3 c gata. Set aside the kakang gata for use later for that extra-creamy taste and presentation.
  • In a big pot, mix all the ingredients together, except bilu-bilo, using the second gata. Bring to a boil. Add sugar and then bilu-bilo.
  • Let boil until all the ingredients are cooked. Serve hot in a small bowl with inangit. Add kakang gata if more creamy texture is desired.

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