August 29, 2009


Lutong pinoy fish balls

2 cups flaked fish
4 tbsp flour
fresh or evaporated milk
2 tbsp kinchay or spring onion stalks, finely chopped
oil for sauteing
soy sauce
salt and pepper to taste

1. In a bowl, mix flaked fish, flour and milk. Add salt and pepper, kinchay or spring onions.
2. Refrigerate mixture until it is firm and sticky.
3. Form mixture into small balls.
4. Boil water in a saucepan. Drop balls into the water, remove, then saute in oil until brown. Serve fish balls with sweet-and-sour sauce.
5. To make sauce; Combine soy sauce, vinegar and sugar.

Fish balls areĀ  sold skewered on bamboo sticks and dipped in various sauces as street food. The deep fried fish is enjoyed as a snack and is very popular.

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40 responses to "FISH BALLS"
August 31, 2009


I have already added you in my “Favorite Food Recipes Site”. The link is “Lutong Pinoy Recipe”, hope you can also link back to me.


renz said:
September 8, 2009

what kind of flour should i use?

diths802 said:
September 9, 2009

You can use all purpose flour.

Jhen said:
September 9, 2009

Could you please give me the procedure

ninia castillo said:
September 17, 2009

pease give me d pocedure,im here in moscowand i really miss dat food,thanks and more por

admin said:
September 19, 2009

Please see fish ball procedure on post above.

rose said:
September 22, 2009

just want to know if the flaked fish, cook or raw

September 24, 2009

Hello po,
Thank you so much for sharing the filipino fishball recipes and the fishball making too!I will make fishball tomorrow co’z I do crave for fishball..God bless you always!

missy said:
October 28, 2009

what kind of fish is it? is it any kind?

admin said:
October 29, 2009

Most often, fish balls are made from the meat of cuttlefish or pollock.

rachel said:
November 4, 2009

what kind of fish should i used?

admin said:
November 5, 2009

meat of cuttlefish or pollock.

girly del rey said:
November 28, 2009

don’t we need baking powder?kasi parang lumalaki ito pag pini prito.tanong lang?thank you po.

December 16, 2009

hi!!! hello i try already your fish ball receipe and its so good and my son he love it he just 3 years old and the sauce is so nice thank you for the fish ball receipe im in colorado usa,and i miss that kind of food im glad that i found the lutong pinoy web and thatnk you soooooooooooo mmuch sana marami pa kayong mapasaya na mga pinoy na nasa ibang bansa..its really big help to all the pinoy overseas na kagaya ko…more power to your web sight and mabuhay kayo pinoy!!!! mable belo

Paul said:
February 18, 2010

what do you ment with flaked fish, isn’t that fish food (aquarium)

Melliza said:
April 1, 2010

do you have the dipping sauce recipe? for fried fish balls

admin said:
April 7, 2010

Please visit this link for fish balls sauce -

jennifer said:
April 16, 2010

tnx admin….i did tried it and everybody likes it…

shy said:
May 4, 2010

Where do we get Fish Flakes?? This sounds like a really yummy recipe… Cant wait to try it!! Thank you for sharing.

ChinayD said:
May 15, 2010

what is “flaked fish”? can you get it in the U.S.?

jean said:
June 9, 2010

what is flaked fish? please email me

June 10, 2010

hello! your link is on my blog now.. pls. add my blog on your blogroll… cheers!

Joanna said:
August 7, 2010

is this the recipe kung saan binebenta ng vendor sa kalye sa pinas?.. Ive been looking for that recipe. Also, is this the one when you pok it with the skewer the fish ball flatens or deflates?

rbam said:
August 28, 2010

how many milk?

jad said:
October 29, 2010

use calamary (frozen squid) its more delicuise

Justine said:
May 29, 2011

Yeah, what is this “flaked fish”? I tried to google it and came up with the flakes you feed to your pet fish.

Juan said:
July 2, 2011

thanks for posting this recipe. btw, the comments are a riot. never had so much fun reading online comments before.

Cathy said:
October 7, 2011

How much milk po? Thanks

car said:
November 3, 2011

as i understand it, flaked fish is boiled fish fillet/fish meat that is flaked or shredded.

Abzter said:
December 19, 2011

How much po un amount ng fresh milk?

Ivan said:
December 22, 2011

Bakit naghiwahiwalay when I dropped them in the boiling water.

jhen said:
August 26, 2012

perfect ko na recipe na yan

Jade said:
October 21, 2012

How much milk do I need to put? Tnx

Precy said:
May 9, 2013

I’m glad I found this recipe, different than the one I tried before, in a way that it has to be dropped to boiling water first. I think this is it, the real taste of the street food fish ball ^-^’

Thank you!

Jessica said:
May 19, 2014

How much milk do I need?

secret said:
July 3, 2014

Ito po ba yung recipe ng mga nagtitinda ng fishballs na nilalako?

ney said:
August 12, 2014

is the spring onion optional? do i need to boil the fish first before combining the ingredients and how much milk?

Monica said:
August 29, 2014

This an annoying recipe and not helpful at all. The person that typed this did not even mentioned what kind of fish to use, how many Tbs tsp cup of sugar, vinegar,milk,soy sauce…

Ralph said:
November 18, 2014


Good day.

I have read your article on tempura. Was wondering if that was in Cebu or here in Manila? Coz I can find any of that in Manila.

Thank you.

Bee said:
February 1, 2017

how much milk?
what kind of flaked fish? and where can I get that?

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