November 20, 2008


1 buko (young coconut)
buko water
flavored red gelatin, cubed
flavored dark gelatin, cut into strips
kaong in syrup, store or market bought
nata de coco in syrup
shaved ice
ice cream (e.g. ube flavor)
cornflaked or pinipig creal


1. Chop the top of the buko to make it into a bowl. Reserve the buko water.
2. Add all the other ingredients into the buko. Be sure to layer them.
3. Add the shaved ice and a little of the buko water to give it more flavor.
4. Top with ice cream.
5. Sprinkle with cornflakes or pinipig. Serve immediately.

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3 responses to "BUKO HALO-HALO"
cheryl said:
August 26, 2009

hi lami ni buko halo

Jonha said:
April 12, 2010

Mas masarap siguro tong buko halo pag homemade. Yung natikman ko kasi sa Jo’s Inato hindi masarap eh.

Anna Lou M.Banghulot said:
November 6, 2011

mas nutritious

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