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Bukayo is a very sweet Filipino dessert popular with children. It is made by simmering strips of young, gelatinous coconut (buko) in water and then mixing with white or brown sugar.

1 kg grated coconut
1 kg pulot-ipot (molasses)
½ kg corn syrup
½ g potassium metabisulfite

Dissolve corn syrup in a small amount of water in a carajay over low flame.
Add pulot-ipot previously strained thru cheesecloth to remove impurities and other extraneous materials.
Add potassium metabisulfite previously dissolved in a small amount of water.
Boil mixture to 115°C (239°F) with occasional stirring.
Add grated coconut and cook to desired end point, i.e., when the mixture no longer sticks to the sides of the carajay when scooped out.
Spread on a wooden mold.
Cool and cut into desired pieces.
Wrap individually in cellophane and place in polyethylene bags.
Store in tin containers.
1. Boil together buko juice, Sugar and pandan leaves until Sugar dissolves completely and mixture thickens.
2. Add vanilla extract. Remove pandan leaves.
3. Cook grated coconut in a pan with a little oil until it turns slightly brown.
4. Add syrup and thicken with a little flour or cornstarch diluted in water.
5. Keep stirring so that syrup coats the grated coconut completely, mixture thickens and bukayo gets cooked completely.
6. When cooked, transfer bukayo to a bowl. Form into small balls while hot. Use plastic wrap or wax paper to cushion your hands from the hot mixture.

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