September 6, 2011



Bringhi Ingredients:
1 pc. dressed chicken, about 1 kg.
5 cups coconut milk (extracted from 2 pcs. mature coconut)
4 cups malagkit rice
3 cloves garlic, crushed
1/4 cup cooking oil
1/4 cup patis
2 pcs. hard boiled egg sliced
1 medium size onion, sliced
5 tbsps. yellow ginger root juice (dilaw)
1 medium size green pepper, roasted and peeled and cut into cubes
Banana leaf wilted over burner (remove midrib)

Bringhi Procedures:

1. Split chicken into desired serving pieces (8-12) at the joints. Clean and wash thoroughly and drain. Set aside.
2. Add 3-4 cups hot water to grated coconut. Squeeze coconut with both hands until the milk is extracted little by little. Strain. Set aside.
3. Wash malagkit rice 3 times. Drain well. Set aside.
4. In a saucepan and over a strong flame, saute garlic and add onion and chicken. Cook until chicken is slightly brown. Add patis and ginger root juice. Add clean malagkit and cook for 10 minutes.
5. Prepare green pepper. Set aside. Peel yellow ginger, crush with mortar and pestle, squeeze, strain and extract yellow juice.
6. Add coconut milk to chicken mixture gradually. Stir. Cover. Cook until rice is almost done, adjusting the flame so as not to scorch the pan.
7. Prepare another heavy duty container. Line the bottom with wilted banana leaf, transfer chicken/rice carefully to the layer of banana leaves. Cover rice/chicken/pepper with another layer of banana leaves, cover the cooking utensil and steam over a low flame until rice is done.

Serves 10 persons.

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4 responses to "BRINGHI"
lavigne said:
October 25, 2011

When do you add the hard boiled egg and the roasted green pepper? Tanks.

gerry said:
December 4, 2011

You might want to review your recipes before posting. Check proper use of words (e.g. ‘cut’ chicken instead of ’split’; heavy duty ‘pan’ instead of ‘container’), right name of ingredients (e.g. ‘turmeric’ instead of ‘yellow ginger’, English names of ingredients (for non-Pinoys), and systematic arrangement of cooking procedure.
This is a productive criticism, pls. take no offense. I too, love cooking! :)

gilbert de leon said:
April 30, 2012

please provide a menu for different lechon fillings which include bringhe, thanks !

marissa said:
August 2, 2012

i think u forget to mentioned about the slice boiled eggs is it for garnish or what is it for?????

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