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Ingenious native delicacy steamed in bamboo. Infused with the richness of coconut extract and heated evenly, the glutinous rive turns into a treat that oozes delectability and leaves you full and satisfied. The use of bamboo tubes adds to this delicacy’s uniquely clean aroma and taste, leaving you with possibilities of your own very flavorful combinations.

You can top it with sugar like everyone else or sprinkle it with your very own combination of sweets or nuts or milk. A fiesta banquet is not the same without a healthy number of this native rice cake.

Basic ingredients:

Glutinous rice (malagkit), coconut milk

1. Soak glutinous rice in coconut extract for a few hours.
2. Then, fill the bamboo tubes with glutinous rice, ¬ĺ full.
3. Top the glutinous rice either with a banana leaf or the coconut shavings that was extracted for the coconut extract.
4. Arrange bamboo tubes in a row in an upright position. Then, lit up a fire on each side, using either wood or coal, just near enough to allow the heat to reach the tubes.
5. Let it steam for a few hours. Then, you can either top it with sugar, nuts or milk upon serving.

Source: http://www.alaminoscity.gov.ph

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6 responses to "BINUNGEY"
jennie said:
August 5, 2010

masarap bua ean…??
paranq kadiri..!!
Yuck namn Oh..!!

huney said:
August 5, 2010

Excuse me!!! kung wala kang masasabing magandang comment bout this recipe, just keep it to urself!! kadiri? ewwwwww? yuck naman? ang ARTE!!! DI BAGAY KC DIKA SI PARIS HILTON OK?!!

jimbo said:
August 22, 2010

@jennie, this was actually eaten by people from all walks of life, rich or poor. Huwag kang mag inarte, mas kadiri pa comment mo. siguro kung maganda kaman ang panget ng ugali mo, pati pagkain kinukut-tsa mo!… pweee

therese said:
April 11, 2011

All foods are sanctified. That is grace from above.

Dativa SBR Lowe said:
April 18, 2012

if i do not have the bamboo, can i wrap in foil and steam?

Angel said:
August 30, 2012

Fave ko to sobra. Ngpapasadya pa ako mgpabili nto kahit almost 4 hrs layo ng bayan nmin sa bolinao

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