July 14, 2015



3 kilograms beef shank (with bone marrow)
3 tablespoons garlic
6 tablespoons onions, sliced
3 tablespoons bell pepper, sliced
3 tablespoons ginger, roughly crushed
5 tablespoons spring onions
Small chili pepper or sliced long peppers (optional)
20 ml calamansi juice (optional)
¼ kilogram sliced pineapple
100 grams lemongrass
50 grams, dried banana blossoms
30 ml edible oil
40 ml soy sauce
50 ml vinegar
Salt or MSG


1. Place a large pot on the stove in medium heat
2. Sauté garlic, onion, ginger, and bell peppers in oil.
3. Add the beef shanks, then soy sauce and vinegar.
4. Stir occasionally, making sure it does not dry up.
5. Pour in 1.5 liters of water.
6. Add lemongrass and cover.
7. Upon boiling, season with salt or MSG as needed.
8. Add pineapples and lower the heat.
9. Cover and continue cooking until meat tenderizes.
10. Just add water if soup is too salty.
11. Add banana blossoms and spring onions
12. Add calamansi juice and chili (Optional. This can also be added to individual servings.)
13. Remove from heat and serve.
14. Estimated cooking time: 80 minutes

Note: To conserve gas, avoid cooking for small servings.

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