November 6, 2009



Use only good fresh fish (anchovies are preffered)

1. Wash the fish thoroughly with clean fresh water.
2. Mix the fish with clean pure salt.
( 1 part salt to 3 parts fish ) by measure
( 2 parts salt to 7 parts fish) by weight
3. Place the fish in fly proof, clean containers with a minimum.
4. Store the bagoong in a clean warm place which has a minimum of circulating air.
5. When the proper arm and body have developed in the product drain off the patis and grind the residual bagoong.
6. Strain patis and pack in clean container.

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2 responses to "BAGOONG"
jennifer said:
April 16, 2010

i will try this one…gumagawa na ako ng bagoong but im using 1 kilo of salt for 2 kilos of fish

January 25, 2011

uala po vah cau nung buong process to make bagoong, ingredients, etc.

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