January 13, 2010



Bacon Ingredients:
1 kg. pork belly
2 tbp. salt
3 tbsp. sugar
1/4 tsp. prague powder
8 drops smoke flavor

measuring spoon
stainless knife
bowl with cover

Bacon Procedures:
1. Mix salt, sugar and prague powder, then apply on the trimmed bacon (pork belly).
2. Pack the slabs with the skin side down on an enameled/plastic bowl. Cover.
3. Store in the refrigerator for4-7 days. At the end of the curing period, pull the slabs-out, drain and smoke from 2-3 hours. (optional)
4. Wash briefly and store in the freeze until ready for use.
5. Slice thinly before cooking and fry in its own lard.

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Marie said:
April 19, 2010

Is prague powder healthy?

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