July 14, 2010



Bagoong, like the rest of Northern Luzon, Alaminos cooking wouldn’t be the same without it. It is the uniquely ideal dip for fried fish and fresh fruits like green mangoes. You can also add some chili or garlic to spice it up or blend it with some vinegar for added zing.

It is also a vital ingredient to many recipes, bringing out or complimenting the natural and distinct flavors of many vegetable and meat dishes. You can also let bagoong simmer in garlic and cooking oil. Then, once cooked, pour it over some steamy rice and presto, perfect comfort food, especially during the rainy season.

Basic ingredients:
3 cups fresh alamang, 1-cup salt

Basic procedures:

1. Wash alamang in running water in a strainer. Drain well.
2. Mix alamang and salt thoroughly in a bowl.
3. Pack mixture in a clean container. Cover with either muslin cloth or thick paper, then seal with a rubber band.
4. Keep it in a clean warm place for a week to hasten fermentation, then refrigerate or transfer to a cooler place until the odor and flavor distinct to bagoong is reached.

Source: alaminoscity.gov.ph

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