September 3, 2011



Adobong Balut Ingredients:

1 recipe Chicken pork adobo
6 pieces cooked balut
Toasted garlic, chopped
Cognac or brandy

Adobong Balut Procedures:

  • Prepare the basic adobo. When simmering and fat is evident, strain the sauce. Keep the cooked chicken and pork for future use. Put back the sauce into the pan and simmer for a few minutes.
  • Add the balut. Do not stir so balut will absorb the adobo fat. Just baste with the sauce once in a while until brown
  • Add a tablespoon of cognac or brandy to perk up the flavor. Serve topped with toasted garlic.

A lesson in eating Balut: How is balut eaten? First, tap the broad end of the egg to break the thick shell. Sprinkle some salt over the egg then carefully suck out the balut broth. Peel the egg halfway then sprinkle more salt (some also drizzle with white vinegar) before you take a bite. Continue peeling as you eat.

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