September 23, 2009



Adobong Baboy

1 kilo pork meat (liempo or kasim), cubed
2 pc. potatoes, cubed
1/3 cup vinegar (optional)
2 tbsp garlic, crushed
1 pc laurel leaf
2-3 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp brown sugar
salt and pepper
1 tbsp oil


In a fry pan, put oil and caramelize sugar over low heat until it turns light brown. Put pork cubes and pan fry until meat turns brownish. Set aside. In a casserole, put a little oil and sauté the garlic. Put the pork cubes and soy sauce. Bring to a boil. Add laurel leaf, pepper and water. Simmer until meat is tender. Add the potatoes and vinegar. Simmer for another 10 minutes or until potatoes are done. Add salt to taste (may be omitted since soy sauce itself is already salty).

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21 responses to "ADOBONG BABOY"
February 17, 2010

it’s delicious

Marie said:
May 19, 2010

what i like with adobo is the sauce of the meat whether pork or chicken adobo, yummy

roselyn said:
July 9, 2010


cathy said:
August 29, 2010

i love adobo! specially instead of using oil fry it with butter, love it!

November 25, 2010

yummmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!sarap ng adobo!

neil carmen said:
January 5, 2011

ang sarap talaga ng adobo,mas masarap pa sa asawa ko,hehehe!joke!!!

neil carmen said:
January 5, 2011

kanamiton gid ro adobo!!malinamnam!parang asawa ko,hahaha!joke!!!

January 8, 2011

to those who made comments..have you tried the recipe?..i just want to know your insight if this one suits you standards.

Franco Frivaldo Lizardo said:
March 2, 2011

hi theodore!
im an adobo fan since then when i was still a kid, i would love to try yur recipe at home by saturday….hehehe, i would love to see the sugar being caramelize…thanks for the recipe

Nikki Ann said:
April 25, 2011

Hi there! My mom has a different way of cooking adobo. But for a change, we tried this recipe. It actually worked! In fact, this recipe is better than my moms. The frying of the meat gave the adobo an extra flavor and it reduced the fat of the meat giving us a healthier meal! Thank you very much! :-)

mcafee said:
May 30, 2011


It helps a lot. GOD BLESs this site..

jennylyn said:
August 4, 2011

hello there.

jocno molato said:
September 15, 2011

pinoy is a fivoret food adobo

rockprincess said:
January 5, 2012

so delicious

cathy,,,, said:
January 17, 2012

hi……..xa mga fans ko da ah…
….namit noh…
..cge b…
kung love nyo ko..
…lutui ko b…
..dapat may sause ha…
…la garlic…jajaja…

alexia,,qui said:
January 17, 2012

hi xa..makabasa ah..
…namit ba…
,.,.,it feels like,,
..i wanna eat the monitor..
…but..i cant..
…hadlok ko xa tag iya…
..basu pa blater nya ko…jajaja…
…dambuhala pa daan..jeje.
..sumo restler…

Ericka said:
January 24, 2012

Wow.. !
I really love ADOBO ..

silpogz said:
April 16, 2012

sarap din adobong aso. pina anghang tapos may gata. grrrrr! woof! woof!

aw--aw said:
May 1, 2012

mas masarap talaga ang aso, specially black dog…ha…ha…ha

janlloyd said:
July 3, 2012

it”s very yummy

shela said:
September 6, 2012

…adodo is my favorate,so delicious…yummy..

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