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Filipinos love to eat - but that’s stating the obvious. In fact, some foreigners in the Philippines have noticed that when the locals ask each other ”Kamusta?” (How are you?), there’s usually a follow-up question: “Kumain ka na ba?” (Have you eaten?). If the answer is no, one would often invite the other to lunch or supper or at least a repast of kape and kakanin. Town fiestas and family celebrations are further proofs of Pinoys’ passion for food and the enjoyment of it in a communal setting.

This love of food is strongly connected with the fascinating cuisine of the Philippines, which is a reflectin of the nation’s history. Our native culinary tradition has been enriched by ingredients and cooking procedures from many places - China, Spain, the United States, and other countries with which Philippines has had cultural and economic ties over the centuries.

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Charles said:
October 15, 2009

Hey, you are doing great work here. I think we should link.

Here is my link: http://pampanguenacafe.wordpress.com

see yours there. i look forward in seeing my link on your website.

salamat kabayan!

Omaro said:
October 31, 2009

Thank you for the mobile recipe.. it help a lot for us. Keep up the good work. Thank you again.

jennifer said:
April 15, 2010

tnx a lot…keep up a good work…you really help us in our daily cooking…

kate said:
May 21, 2010

thanks for the site! great resource. navigation needs some work tho. or maybe a simple search bar just for within the site to easily find recipes.

Zach said:
July 18, 2010

Nice site and thanks for showing some awesome food recipes, that adobo with coconut is on my “to do” list hehehehe

Letty said:
August 12, 2010

I’ve been enjoying my tour of your posted recipes. I thought I saw a Rosquillos recipe here this morning but couldn’t find it anymore. Do you mind giving me the page link to it?

Thanks and God bless!

admin said:
August 12, 2010

You can visit http://lutongpinoy.info/barquillos or you can try to search using internal search box on the left side of the page.

Letty said:
August 12, 2010

Appreciate you quick reply. Many thanks!

December 27, 2010

Good site and some great ideas and recipes. If you have a minute check out our site. Perhaps swap some ideas or do a link exchange.

Aileen said:
February 26, 2011

Hi, do you have actual short term cooking lesson.I’m very much interested. Will await for your soonest reply.

ClarK Khris said:
March 18, 2012

hello! aq budoy..!! XD

TNX 4 D infos.!

It helped my website..!!

CEBUlicious FOODS.com =)
I’m a 1st yr. student and that website is my project. =)

roy said:
March 25, 2012

Is there an android app version for lutong pinoy?

admin said:
March 26, 2012

Lutongpinoy.info is now compatible with android. You can check this out!

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